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Möbius Immortality

Does this mean we are reborn?

Well you surely won’t remember your former life to start with, but he will tell you what he did, and you will then KNOW that you are a kind of reincarnation. How will you feel about your next death then? But what if he made a tiny, tiny mistake, and just one of your cloned brain cells is different to the original?

Phineas Gage holding the metal rod that impaled his left frontal lobe due to an explosion. His personality was severely changed for a couple of years, then he returned to almost normal and soon after died from seizures, probably caused indirectly by the lesion.

Well, you are losing brain cells right now and STILL believe you are the same person you were just 10 minutes ago. So what if in maybe not one or ten, but a hundred thousand or a billion years someone is born with almost exactly the same DNA as you have now? Will you also be reborn in that person?

Is maybe every single consciousness somewhat similar, so that when you line them all up, sorted by similarity, you get a Möbius-infinite, continuous row of existences?

Were the Hindus and Buddhists right after all?

No, many will say. You don’t take anything with you, you remember nothing. But didn’t you also arise from nothing with no memories the “first time” you came into existence? As mentioned, even with retrograde amnesia people still feel continuous existence and a sense of self. Memory is not as essential to that as we believe.

And didn’t some people die to the point where brain activity stopped, or was dialled down to the intelligence of an insect or less, just like Anna Bågenholm who was trapped under the ice without circulation for about 40 minutes and survived? Sure, she took most of her memories with her because memories get amalgated physically in the brain, but what if she would have suffered from amnesia on top of her accident, as others did?

Crossfjorden, Spitsbergen. If you have an accident on these glaciers, no-one might find you for millennia.

And what else should happen after you die anyways? There is no way to experience nothing, and there is no reason why you of all people should have arisen uniquely from nothingness in the first place, just to be the very last you, with not a single brain structure in all of infinity similar enough to be experienced as a continuation of some kind? Also, there is something all of us so far took with them: we seem to experience the same universe.

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