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If you are easily scared, you should stop reading now, because what follows from this simplest possible theory of everything may be the most scary thing you could ever imagine!

Remember when you suddenly came into existence out of nothing? Taking into account what we first discussed, that’s not what happened! The thing about nothing is wrong, we just demonstrated that.

The other thing is: you gradually started existing, not suddenly. That goes not only for your brain or body, but also for the consciousness which emerged from your brain. Some people can even kind of remember that, especially if it happened quite late in their development.

Cycle of Life and Death by Syamarani Devi Dasi

The longer you lived and experienced things, the more “you” you became. Until now. Tonight you will die though, and tomorrow someone else will wake up with your body, brain and memories, convinced he is you, but not really you.

Because during the night, while you are not paying attention, your brain is being changed. More in some nights, less in others. Even memories are changed.

And when your local body dies, your consciousness will fade, usually slowly but for some also pretty rapidly, depending on the method of their demise.

Just like after total amnesia, your memories will be gone, as well as your specific and quite, but not totally unique brain. People who experienced amnesia in their life know how strange it feels not to know anything about just one minute ago all the time (just like the ones who still remember the emergence of their consciousness in childhood). However, they still have a continuous experience of self.

“The Scotsman’s Loss of Self” by Matthias

Now imagine that thousands of years from now someone finds your DNA deep under the rubble of several fallen civilizations, and just for curiosity’s sake clones you. A person with exactly your infant brain, and no memories of this life comes into existence.

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